We are locally owned and family run. We love St. Louis, and want to share that passion for this great city with the world! We pride ourselves on leveraging the best talent and technology on the planet to deliver value for our investors, clients, tenants, guests, and the wider St. Louis community.

In addition the leadership team below, we are supported by a great administrative, customer service, and cleaning/maintenance staff who strive every day to bring value for our guests and clients!

Brandon Smith » Operations
Picture of Brandon Smith

Brandon is a licensed and investor-friendly real estate agent. He knows every corner of South City. As an experienced property manager and rehabber, Brandon has an intimate knowledge of what it takes to bring buildings back to life, and has a passion for helping others achieve their dreams of homeownership or achieving lasting wealth through real estate.

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Hannah Smith » Design & Marketing
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Hannah is an artist by trade, with a keen eye for design. She enjoys bringing properties to life and helps us to maintain a high standard for customer experience in every property we own, manage, or market. She keeps our occupancy rates up, and reviews flying high!

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  • Interior Design
  • Quality Photos
  • Guest Experience
Paige Smith » Operations
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Paige is an active real estate investor, published author, PhD., and professional Data Scientist. She’s got a knack for sleuthing out deals and keeping inventory costs low. She brings a discerning eye to the details and making sure our guests feel right at home, every time.

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  • Quality Control
  • Why checklists are your friend
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